PJ - www.BritBlokes.com Just 18 PJ, with his cute looks and smooth young body is one horny lad. His trackies and cap suit him so well, bringing a touch of extra hotness to his already hot look. He has a specific taste in girls, those with toned bodies, sleek and most important of all is a belly piercing, though he can't say exactly what it is about a navel piercing that is so attractive. Lesbian porn is PJ's film of choice, once on his attitude changes as his body fills with lust and his cock rises long, hard and throbbing. Soon he is rubbing it sliding his hand across his tight abs then down to his soft teenage balls adding to the sexual sensations pulsing within. Soon he is really getting into it, a sense of tension fills the studio as PJ gets ever closer to his peak. One soft groan and jets of warm cream burst out coating his belly after oozing over the back of his hand. This lad is a real winner in every conceivable way.

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