Neo & Stefano Badpuppy brings you, 21 y/o Neo and 19 y/o Stefano, from Rio de Janeiro. They both Escort for a living. They've not seen each other in some time and tonight it's all about them. Their passion for each other shows in their kissing and foreplay. Stefano begins sucking Neo's huge uncut cock, followed by Neo returning the favor. After a whole lot of oral action, Stefano rolls over atop of Neo, rubbing his package back and forth across him. With Stefano bent over, Neo gets in some good rimming. With his condom on, Neo lubes it up and once in, he gives Stefano a good pumping. Stefano gets into the action, moving his ass all around while Neo fucks him. Neo straddles Stefano, bouncing his ass up and down. Stefano leans back on the couch and Neo continues to fuck him hard from on top and on his side. Stefano starts jacking off and blows a huge, thick creamy load on his stomach. Neo then stands over Stefano and paints his chest with a huge load of his own!

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