Francis - www.UnknownTwinks.com Francis is a typical representative of the city youth living in the center of a large city. After school classes he visits art galleries, student theaters or cafeterias where he comfortably places himself near a large window and examines a mixed crowd of people walking down the central city streets. Francis is very sociable, mobile and this is why he has a lot of friends who like him and are always happy to see him. He finds a common language and common topics for conversation with anyone. Francis is a very brisk guy, his friends call him an easy-go-man, and that fully reflects his character and active way of life. But in spite of the abundance of friends that is quite characteristic for his young age Francis is dreaming of finding himself the only guy he could be together with and feel well both mentally and physically. Some time ago it appeared to Francis that Oliver, a photographer he made friends with when he visited an exhibition of young photo artists, gave him particular attention. Francis marked him out of the rest of his friends, too, and they started to meet to chat with each other quite often. Francis likes Oliver and he wishes their relations could grow into something bigger than just friendship. But how can he bring himself to make such declaration? Today Oliver invited Francis to his photostudio to pose before the camera. Oliver wanted to make Francis's portrait for quite a long period of time. Francis has been preparing for this for a long time too because he decided to reveal his feelings to his friend just during the photo session. The photo session begins! The two friends have fun for a whole hour already and Francis still cannot find a suitable moment to make his declaration. Jokingly, of course, Oliver offered Francis to be picture-taken with his clothes off but Francis decided to surprise his friend´┐Ż Oliver leaves for some time to bring some light meals from a nearby caf?. The right moment has come! He carefully takes the camera and starts to take pictures of himself! This is the present he prepared for Oliver! Francis undresses, his young and strong cock is hard! Picture after picture Francis photographs himself, his cock, the camera catches how Francis tenderly touches the most secret spots of his young body! These pictures will become a declaration of love!

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