Clayton Kole for UrbanBrits.com Meet Clayton our newest model a handsome young British jock with smooth chest and nice abs, watch as he peels off his clothes for us and gives his nipple a tug. As he moves his hand down his chest and unbuttons his pants an already growing cock appears bulging from his underwear. Grasping his cock with his hand he tugs it making it grow in his tight little hands. He slips his hand down under his briefs and grabs a hold of his man meat working it some more making it become firmer and thicker with every stroke. Teasing us by shaping his underwear around his young thick cock giving us yet another glimpse into what lies beneath. More relaxed now he removes his shoes and tugs his underwear down letting us see his thick base just for a second before pulling them back up. A small smirk appears across his face, as he moves to take his pants off and you can see his abs flex as he bends forward slipping his pant legs off his feet. An already bulging brief appears as he cups his cock and balls working his semi hard cock glancing back at us as he tugs his undies down for another quick peek. With that he removes his briefs and takes hold of his firm cock stroking it and sliding his juicy foreskin across his pink throbbing cock head, working his cock from top to bottom then jerking it faster and then slowly becoming more firm as the time passes. With his hand pressed firm against his body and his balls pulled tight showing his meaty balls he strokes faster and faster brewing his young creamy load. He stands to show us his beautiful ass, an ass ready to be fucked hard and long. Sitting back down his hung cock stretches out far from his slender body, he grabs a hold of his balls as he strokes his cock some more letting out whimpers of pleasure with every stroke. As he strokes harder and faster pulling his foreskin far back his balls ache for release as his muscle begin to twitch and his toes curl, he tweaks his nipple and begins to pump h is cock faster and faster ready to release. He lets out a cry of pleasure as his hot sticky white load flows in bursts across his chest, and gasps for air with every burst of his young seed. He wipes away his load from his chest and cock with his underwear and is on his way.

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