www.LookAtBoys.com I've been called a himbo, a man whore, a he slut and lots of other names by my friends, most of whom are jealous that I get so much cock. I love to fuck and I'm not afraid to tell a man that if I think he's hot. More often than not guys are interested in plugging my ass or getting plugged so it doesn't take long for us to find a quiet spot to bone. I really like going to clubs to find guys because they're always a little bit drunk or totally tripping on ecstasy. The gay clubs usually hand out condoms to anyone that needs them so when we walk out we grab a handful and practically run back to my apartment to spend all night fucking. I like versatile guys so I don't have to bottom or top exclusively. It's much more fun to mix it up, you know? Sometimes I like to fuck and sometimes I like to be fucked. I always use protection for anal sex but sometimes if a guy seems honest and says he's clean I'll swallow his load. I really like having a dude fuck my ass and pull out right before he's going to cum. He whips the condom off and then unloads down my throat. Try it sometime, you'll love it!

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